Monday, 4 October 2010


Soo...hmm... this is my first blog then.... exciting stuff huh!? well its not really is it, haahhh.

This morning I was watching the hills, because my life is obviously that exciting. Goshh season 2 immates my life a few months ago pretty much. depressing much !?! was pointless. I went to college for two hours just to sit infront of a computer, look a horror trailers - omgoshh though, scary stuff. and go as red as a tomato for laughing at the girls conversation that sit near next to me. I think the fact I was covering my face with my scarf and pratically crying with laughter gave it away that I was laughing at them ? Well, they are an odd bunch - "If I see someone struggling with photoshop, I just want to grab the mouse off them and do it all for them" "I want Chilli dorrito Ice cream" ? okayyy love. see ? haa. and I love the fact that my friend in class has the same sense of humor as me. and the same level of maturatey that I have. the maturatey of a 12 year old :) goood times. yes we still laugh at the name "Dick". took up about 2 minutes of our extremley interesting lives .. :S haaa.


Ahh final thought of the day - when sending stupid messages to your sister through the computer - check they are actually going to her. and dont leave your facebook, twitter ect. signed in and walk out the room. not a smooth move I tell you....

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